A desire to repay suffering

Of what use is anger when the identical end can be received by reason? Does one suppose that a hunter is angry with the beasts he kills? Seneca. Anger is an emotion that everybody experiences at some point in their lives. There are alternative ways during which anger manifests and also alternative ways to handle … Read more

Why worry?

In a letter to his dear companion Lucilius, the Stoic philosopher Seneca penned: “There are more things, Lucilius, likely to scare us than there are to break us; we suffer more often in intelligence than in point of fact.” Chronic worriers tend to be more occupied by the long run than by present circumstances. During … Read more

The Minimalists

One day, the mythical Chinese recluse XuYou observed a mole drinking from a pond. He then realized that the mole, when thirsty, only sips a bellyful: no more, no less, but specifically the quantity it needs. The mole doesn’t encumber itself with excesses, because that will only impede its movement. Unlike human beings, who often … Read more

The way of the fist

It’s not just to reignite his old enthusiasm for karate and to avenge his old nemesis Daniel LaRusso. one in all the causes why Johnny Lawrence opens his old dojo Cobra Kai is that he believes that by doing so he can give today’s youth exactly what they need: the way of the fist. After storing his … Read more