Living well despite the whims of Fortune

Our very sense of wellbeing is at gunpoint after we hold close to the mercurial, unpredictable outside world. Around two thousand years ago, Stoic philosopher Epictetus observed that folks are burdened and dragged down because they have an downgrade to worry about too many things. His cure, however, isn’t to prevent caring altogether but to worry about the proper things and stop clinging to anything that doesn’t matter. What … Read more

How much is enough?

Was it the Grand Lama that spun and said,  ‘You spend all of your life making the maximum amount of money as you can for your retirement one day? ‘ then again once you retire, you’re spending all that money ‘because your health is compromised.’ You can spend your life out there trying to form plenty of cash, always saying that in some unspecified time in the future I’m visiting have lots of cash and revel in myself. By … Read more

The View From Above

It’s funny to appear at ourselves and see how we quarrel about the littlest things… just like the behavior of an annoying coworker during a gathering or the one that cuts us off in traffic. From my very own experience, it’s very easy to get dragged along by a minor event, in an exceedingly way that a dog is obsessive … Read more

An endless show, Life

Being intoxicated is usually seen as a pleasant state in which our sorrows are removed away, and exchanged for courage and an extraordinary ability to be cheerful and happy. Yes, alcohol relaxes the inhibitions, dissolves our fears, and makes us leave our problems – a minimum of for a long time. But it also moistens … Read more