Beautiful person

Would you believe me if I say that you are a beautiful person? And when I say beautiful, that doesn’t mean your outer or physical beauty but the beauty of your heart.. that is your inner beauty. The shape of your body, the colour of your skin, the length of your hairs, and size ofContinue reading “Beautiful person”

You’re Beautiful

You are beautiful.. trust me! Maybe you don’t feel like it right now, but you are.. You are beautiful in your own way. I know you have been hearing or saying to yourself.. that you are not beautiful but you are.. so don’t be so hard on yourself.. The future is not like the presentContinue reading “You’re Beautiful”

A courageous act

Yesterday.. my classmate was sitting alone at the last bench. After all classes were over.. i noticed she was still there.. I sensed there was something wrong with her so I went to her and asked.. “Hey everything ok?” She said nothing. I asked again.. “What happened? Is there anything wrong?” Still nothing. Then IContinue reading “A courageous act”