Wrapping up 2020: Top 12 Posts

Hey everyone, how you doing? Well since today is the last day of the most unpredictable year “2020”. I am glad you’re safe and sound, reading this blog. So, today I was just checking all the posts I’ve posted the past year. To be honest I felt a little nostalgic reading them all. As IContinue reading “Wrapping up 2020: Top 12 Posts”

Don’t regret, regret!

Right from childhood, we are taught to live a life fully. To live without any regrets. Ever wonder why? I think regrets aren’t the reminder of what we have done wrong but of what we could have done right in the past, in a decent way if a similar situation is confronted again. So whenContinue reading “Don’t regret, regret!”

Let it go 😌

Everything will be alright.. Your heart will smile again.. You just have to convince your mind to let it go.. You have to understand your mind is not a jail where you have locked the memories that still hurt you, makes you sad.. You’ve kept the pieces of those who have hurted you in theContinue reading “Let it go 😌”