In search of something

We all are always in search of something, something we already have within us all the time. Whatever we seek whether it is Peace, Happiness, or contentment, it’s all already deep inside us. What you seek is seeking you A profound statement by Rumi, providing us all different and yet worthwhile way of looking atContinue reading “In search of something”

Surviving the Highs and Lows of life

Life is not a straight line, nor it has any defined geometrical structure. It’s like a random pattern of lines, totally unpredictable or more like a zigzag like pattern, and has its own twist and turns. I am sure that everyone has experienced some highs and lows in his or her life. When we areContinue reading “Surviving the Highs and Lows of life”

Unpredictable life..

You don’t always need to have all the answers.. Sometimes you have to keep going on unknown paths.. Just continue your journey and trust the process. Things will make sense eventually.. Situations will unfold, you’ll figure things out, your passion, your dreams, your purpose.. As long as you’re committed to growth, learning and becoming betterContinue reading “Unpredictable life..”