The way of the fist

It’s not just to reignite his old enthusiasm for karate and to avenge his old nemesis Daniel LaRusso. one in all the causes why Johnny Lawrence opens his old dojo Cobra Kai is that he believes that by doing so he can give today’s youth exactly what they need: the way of the fist.

After storing his teenage neighbor Miguel from a bunch of bullies, Johnny realizes how soft many of today’s children actually are.

This image is confirmed to him when a bunch of social rejects arrives at his dojo, who are wanting to toughen up, in order that they can awake “the snake within” and hit at those who’ve crushed them. Luckily, Johnny provides the recipe that does the job: the offensive, no-nonsense karate that he was taught as a child, supported a straightforward philosophy: Strike strike hard. No mercy.

The philosophy of Cobra Kai works miracles with these kids, as they become stronger and more resilient.

The nerdy kid Eli, for instance, turns from a shy, anxious boy into a ruthless fighting machine, and Miguel manages to defeat his bullies and gets along with one in every of the popular girls named Sam LaRusso, who proceeds to be the daughter of Johnny’s rival: Daniel LaRusso. Johnny Lawrence was once a bully himself. within the first Karate Kid film, we will see how he misuses the karate skills that he has learned as a Cobra Kai to harass the new kid in town: Daniel.

Unfortunately for Johnny, Daniel is trained by the Okinawan Mr. Miyagi and defeats him during the finals of the All-Valley tournament. The immensely popular Netflix series ‘CobraKai’ tells us a story that takes place 34 years after the first Karate Kid film, which now focuses on Johnny preferably Daniel, who are both men in their 50s now. Daniel seems to own an ideal life: a good looking wife, two kids, a pleasant house, and a successful car dealership chain. Johnny, on the opposite hand, lives in poverty, includes a drinking problem, works odd jobs to pay the bills (or doesn’t the bills at all), and has no association together with his son Robby.

But by opening his dojo, Johnny fights his resolution of his misery, like true members of Cobra Kai do, and creates purpose for himself by becoming a tutor and model for his students. Cobra Kai represents the active, aggressive a part of existence. And for several people, its philosophy is appealing, because it’s about pushing boundaries, crushing fears, and that specialize in achievement and conquest; things that far exceed the dojo. As Johnny Lawrence states: “Cobra Kai isn’t nearly karate. Its a few way of life.” So, other than physical fights, how can such a philosophy benefit our very lives? And what are the downsides and dangers of “the way of the fist?”

Now, there’s no clear gain and evil within the series, as opposition the first Karate Kid film, where we see this clear dichotomy between good and bad. Instead, we see many areas of gray, showing that Cobra Kai and its members are over just a bunch of wicked bullies. Cobra Kai presents itself as a counterweight to a up to date of softies. Or how Johnny’s old sensei John Kreese puts it and that i quote: “Our society has gotten weak. Kids today are coddled. They get trophies only for contact. Something has gotta is completed.

Someone has gotta step in, and stop the pleasing and begin the pleasing. That’s why we’re here.

The world needs Cobra Kai.” This approach proves to be very appealing to kids that feel marginalized by the scary world around them, and see joining Cobra Kailas as the simplest way to induce their power back. The Cobra Kai series has made an enormous impact on its audience, and online communities like Reddit show that individuals are drawn to what the infamous Cobra Kai dojo stands for. Cobra Kai isn’t nearly fighting; its about the stance we absorb life overall. It’s about confidence, discipline, resilience, getting what we wish. It’s about getting removed from the unhealthy sedentary lifestyle of playing games on our phones all day while eating boxes of twinkies. But, on the opposite hand, there are downsides in addition to Cobra Kai’s way of the fist. We see that the bullied become bullies themselves, we see anger and resentment, and that we see a preference for revenge and violence as solutions to problems, and as ways to accomplish goals. This isn’t a surprise, because Cobra Kai isn’t about self-defense, but “self-offense” as Johnny puts it. Now, let’s dissect the Cobra Kai philosophy bit by bit, so we are able to see its cons and pros, and if we will apply it in our daily lives. Strike first “Strike first. Never watch for the enemy to attack.” the primary tenet of Cobra Kai’s philosophy implies that there’s an enemy bent on get us which ‘waiting’ would give the enemy the possibility to strike first. It also implies that opportunities come and go which we should always take them before somebody else does.

Johnny compares this to approaching a lady. You don’t await another guy to approach her, so you wish to try to to it as quickly as possible. Striking first is about being aggressive.It’s noticeably about the stance we absorb life. Is it one amongst aggressiveness, offensiveness, proactiveness, or one in all passiveness, defensiveness, and timidity? Or as Johnny states it: “If you are not aggressive, then you’re being a coward and you don’t want to be a coward. Be brave.” The willingness to travel on the offensive also sends a symptom that you’re confident about your strength. Having the courage to approach a lovely person, as an example, already shows that you’re confident enough to try and do this, which generally causes you to more attractive. As is written by an ancient Chinese general, Sun Tzu: “Defence implies lack; Attack implies strength”.

The downside to the present approach we see in Johnny’sstudents. they begin training karate to fight back at bullies but eventually transform bullies themselves. They answer with violence when it isn’t necessary. we are able to see this with awk who repeatedly uses violence to resolve non-violent problems. As a reaction to the present mentality, Daniel LaRussoopens his own dojo called Miyagi-Do as a counterweight. Miyagi-Do relies on the principles of his old sensei, the legendary Mr. Miyagi, who kicked the bucket years ago. within the Karate Kid films, we see that Mr. Miyagiconsistently refrains from attacking first. Unless he’s attacked, he always chooses the way of peace. This approach resembles the essential principle of karate, which is that there is strike in karate.

Aside from karate, when it involves our everyday lives, it depends on true whether or not we must always strike first. Sometimes its better to anticipate and to possess patience. Sometimes it’s better to not strike in the slightest degree. But when the time is correct, striking first are often rewarding. But… you can’t strike first if you don know the way to strike, which brings us to the second tenet… strike “Striking hard is about giving your all.” The concept of striking hard doesn’t just apply to physical fights; it’s an attitude we absorb life with regard to how we handle things.

It represents a bold move, doing things well and effectively. within the case of Johnny, he strikes hard when he decides to open his karate dojo, giving it everything he’s got. By sheer force, he launches himself out of his rut. ‘Giving you’re all’ means not quitting without a fight, not taking ‘no’ for a solution, not accepting defeat. We see an example of this within the series when Miguel asks Sam out on a date. She answers that she doesn’t want so far for a long time, after calling it off together with her ex-boyfriend Kyler. Miguel is disappointed. But rather than let go, he still manages to hold out along with her, by simply not calling it a date. But overdoing this approach doesn’t always work; especially when people become pushy, which is never attractive. In many cases, ‘no’ literally means ‘no’ and this must be respected.

Also, using force doesn’t always get us what we would like, and isn’t always the foremost active thanks to act. the traditional worldview of Taoism focuses on the potential of softness, showing us that the soft can overwhelm the hard. for instance, water overcomes rock. An example of this will see within the gorge.

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